June 16th, 2009

ReMatch Sports

A Formidable Opponent in Russian Hill

Good news, SFers! You no longer have to get robbed at gunpoint when you attempt to consummate your Craigslist transaction in West Oakland.

reMatchSports, a consignment sporting equipment store located in the heart of Russian Hill, is the the place for active adventurers replenishing their accoutrements or retired weekend warriors selling back their dust-covered equipment. Started by Sven Jensen, reMatch Sports features a broad swath of goods ranging from camping gear to surfing rigs to mountain biking schwag and everything else under the sun… or everything else immersed in the fog–gotta love summers in San Francisco.

Did the Marina lady just score the last jogging stroller? No problem, create a wish list of items desired and reMatch will notify you when something matching your specifications happens into their shop. Their complete inventory is also available online, updated in real-time.

Motorized Bike reMatch-Sports picturePioneering a “store within a store” concept, Jensen has partnered with a select list of local artisans to offer a full array of custom-made, homegrown gear. Surfboards from a Pacifica shaper, golf swings from a local pro, or motorized bikes with 48cc peddle-powered engines – street-legal even for the commuter without the M1 license. Or perhaps after years of cursing those Critical Mass peddlers, you’ve jumped on the bike train. Adjacent to the indoor driving range (don’t worry, no one has that much of a slice), Derrik provides in-house bike construction and repairs.

Conference Room Rematch-Sports pictureJensen, who’s passionate about giving back to the community, offers up a circle of couches, WiFi, and an HD projector for anyone with more friends than space. Jensen will make this area available to anyone, including community organizers, adventurers returning from an epic trek or someone jonesing for a cool spot to revel with their friends. Grab a few Nick’s Crispy Tacos from down the street and a case of beers from the Jug Shop and you and your crew will be percolating. Call reMatch directly to book this space.. and they also offer a 1970′s pimped-out board room for free use.

Till next time!
~Mister Archer
Mr Archer

The Details:
  reMatch Sports
  1567 Pacific Ave, SF, CA