November 4th, 2009

The Green Chile Busts A Move

You’re on a mission, but not in the Mission

Do you lament the lack of quality Mexican food outside the Mission?

Green Chile Kitchen Breakfast Taco.jpgGreen Chile Kitchen is celebrating their grand re-opening today. The long-time favorite of the Western Addition crowd doubled its space and is switching corners on the block (like a rook, not a bishop). The Pavlovian smell of the rotisserie Fulton Valley chicken will have you floating up to the register like Toucan Sam. You can safely order all the basic staples, from tacos to salads to enchiladas, featuring locally-sourced and organically-grown ingredients. The more adventurous diners start with the posole—a New Mexican red chile stew bursting with chicken and spices.

Green Chile Kitchen.jpgYou’ve heard that eating chile peppers releases endorphins and burns calories, right? The Bueno chiles from New Mexico make you happy and healthy. So then the only question is whether to roll with the rich smoky flavors from the dried New Mexican red chile or the robust flame-roasted flavors of the fresh New Mexican green chile. Compromise. Order “Christmas” and get both.

With the move, the Green Chile Kitchen is all “growns up.” Yep, they even put in a hardwood bar—a mitzvah for the thirsty patrons. Sierra Nevada and Negra Modelo are on tap, or you can opt for the special: Pacificos always $2. Oh, and did I mention free Wi-Fi? Not only are the ingredients locally-sourced, so is this writeup.

The Details:
   Green Chile Kitchen
   1801 McAllister St (at Baker St)
   (415) 440-9411
   (415) 440-9412 (order line)

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