December 8th, 2009

A Speakeasy for Rum

Smuggler’s Cove Tiki Lounge

Rum is the new whisky. And you have a new hideout.

smugglers-cove-bar.jpgStarting this evening, escape to the Smuggler’s Cove and masquerade as a Caribbean castaway… even just for one night. This tri-level tiki bar features cascading waterfalls, whaling harpoons, and even a ship’s wheel—an original from Trader Vic’s, the iconic spot which concocted the first ever mai tai. The nondescript exterior conceals this Hayes Valley haunt from the traffic rushing down the Gough street gangplank. Inside, no TVs mean no distractions. And the music is NOT AT FULL BLAST, so you can actually hear and appreciate a good story… like did you know that Tiki legend holds that an eel inspired the first procreative act?

beachcombers-creed.jpgRum is no longer just a syrupy punchline. Smuggler’s Cove serves up an unparalleled selection of premium rums from the world over. They pour a variety of sipping rums, including their proprietary Eurydice… even Captain Morgan didn’t know that a rum could be described as light and dry, with subtle hints of vanilla, brown sugar, and butter notes. For your initial visit, order the Smuggler’s Rum Barrel. After a couple sips, you’ll decide to purchase the ceramic tiki mug, handmade locally by Munktiki. Regulars should inquire about the Rumbustion Society… the “Disciples of the Code” will gain access to a vault of obscure rums.

As Captain Jack Sparrow reckons, “Not all treasure is gold and silver, mate.”

The Details:
   Smuggler’s Cove
   650 Gough St, SF, CA

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