December 8th, 2009

Viv Specials: More for Less

Go Green and Save Green

“To Viv or not to Viv? That is the question!”

Like Hamlet musing whether life is so miserable that non-existence might be preferable to life, I can imagine a world so depleted of resources, a climate so harsh that our descendants suffer a similar dilemma. Hyperbole? Maybe… or maybe not.

[Enter Stage Left: Viv]

Viv-Green-Logo.jpgViv serves up “draw-dropping” deals from local businesses. What makes my draw drop? At least 25% off! And before you start to question the quality of the shops, they are actually some of my favorites… like Little Star at half price and 45% Loving Cup to name a few. Salivating already? Wondering how to get in on the deals? Viv offers free membership sealed with a sticker slapped on your credit card… trust me, you won’t miss seeing the Visa logo. And these businesses are committed to making their operations more sustainable by purchasing low-flow aerators, compostable bags, or eco-friendly cleaning products. Small actions today can lead to seismic improvements tomorrow.

Viv-Green-Businesses.jpgThe buck doesn’t just stop there. Most businesses will offer “enhanced specials” when you demonstrate your personal commitment to conserving resources. How? Show off that bike helmet. Or bring a container for that rice pudding. Yep, even your old little league helmet could do the trick. Savings is social… your fellow Vivers are just as friendly and fun-loving as you.

Work up an appetite for savings with a laugh… Now Showing: Viv Scandals.

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