December 10th, 2009

Bite-Sized Review

Xinh Bistro Lounge (SOMA)
xinh-bistro-lounge.jpgTucked in a clandestine corner of the City, Xinh Bistro Lounge is perfect for a break-up-the-routine lunch featuring contemporary Vietnamese. Their delicious staples include the crispy imperial rolls, meatball pho, roasted five-spice chicken, beef carpaccio, shaken beef, minced gator lettuce wraps (ok, and maybe a few not-so-traditional options). Spartan, yet elegant designs including vaulted ceilings make for a dramatic backdrop… a memorable venue to host an exclusive prix fixe dinner party. Otherwise, before to call ahead for a Friday or Saturday night dinner in case someone else has booked.

Xinh Bistro Lounge
680 8th St.
Open 11am – 4pm