January 8th, 2010

Mission Minis

mission-minis-san-francisco.jpgThe bite-size cupcakes speckled over town now have a storefront… well, there’s their kiosk in North Beach. But why should tourists have all the fun? The nomadic bakery’s new homeland is in the heart of the Mission. These gourmet cupcakes, only $1, make the uninitiated think, “why not?” And the regulars, “ ooh, one more Pumpkin Spice definitely will not ruin my appetite.” Free SF delivery for orders of $25 or more. But the new space screams soirée… the front wall is on wheels so any evening might whimsically kick off its dancing shoes. The menu features twelve different creations although the most repeated words are “sold out.”

The Details:
   Mission Minis
   3168 22nd St x Capp St
   Open 10am – 6pm; Mon thru Sat.