February 23rd, 2010

Fly on the Confessional Wall

Get Mortified at the Make-Out Room

How embarrassed would you be if someone unearthed the most absurd moments from your adolescence? Your awkward love letters? Your insidious schemes? Would you be humiliated?? Disgraced??? Mortified!

Bookworm Gets Booty Youtube.jpgMortified, a PG-13ish stage performance, features six everyday people sharing what they never expected to share. Nothing is off limits… diary entries recounting the stalking of a high school crush, a sexual fantasy involving Doogie Howser doppelgänger, daydreamed felonies against a rival suitor, or the Naval Officer’s revelation that his hookup wasn’t actually a woman. The sole requirement is that all material be completely authentic. This autobiographical show is like a confession where the audience is the fly on the confessional wall. And, in this case, laughter is the gateway to salvation.

everyone-is-a-critic-mortified.jpgEach month, six more average Janes and Joes take the stage seeking personal redemption through public humiliation. Isn’t laughter always the best medicine? Every show sells out, although a few dozen seats are reserved for walk-ups. And as of this month, there is now a performance in both Berkeley and San Francisco. Those in the know arrive at least an hour and a half early. Ready for a catharsis via self-degradation? Attend one of their ongoing “shoebox sessions.”

Even Shakespeare would laugh at these soliloquies.

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   $12 advance; $15 at the door
   Tickets at the Make-Out Room in San Francisco (March 19th and 20th)
   Tickets at Starry Plough in Berkeley (March 13th)

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A Bonus Tip:
If you are in downtown SF and you have a hankering for a large, fresh-squeezed OJ or a ginormous chocolate chip cookie, head over to the Grove Yerba Buena on Mission x 3rd Street.