February 2nd, 2010

On the Rooftops, Shout It Out

The Passion Cafe: French Bistro in SOMA


Most days, dreams fade in the morning light. Not this one!

The Passion Cafe, the vision of Steve Barton and Jacques “Frank” Andre, swings open their doors today. After years of challenges, the accomplished and magnanimous owners share their dream, a dazzling design, the Shangri-La on 6th Street… a nostalgic cafe in the morning metamorphosizing into a lively, yet enchanting French bistro in the evening. Simply walking through the wooden double doors will transport you back to the early 1900s as they restored the original detailing of the foyer. Inside, the milieu is majestic… exposed brick walls, elegant chandeliers, a stately marble bar. Even the most hurried passers-by will find time to linger for a glass of port on their sun-drenched upstairs terrace… forgetting for a moment that it is not the Seine murmuring below.

passion-cafe-6th-street.jpgThe morning menu features a variety of lighter fare including fruit, croissants, tarts along with a selection of coffees and teas. For those in a rush, grab-and-go at the walk-in counter. The “can’t miss” offerings for the post-breakfast crowd include tartines, soups, Quiche Lorraine, and boeuf bourguignon. They plan to offer a daily special and the menu will expand with their grand opening gala on February 11th.

Reservations for Valentine’s Day weekend promise to fill up quickly because all things French are romantic.

The Details:
The Passion Cafe
28 6th Street, x Stevenson Street
(415) 437-9730
This week: 8am – 9pm