April 21st, 2010

Light Up a Conversation

The Ploom Portable Hookah
Ploom Model One.jpg

Even non-smokers would agree that there’s no better icebreaker than, “Got a light?”

Ploom Smoking.jpgPloom, a tech-meets-tobacco company based in the Dogpatch, just launched their “model One.” This hand-held, gas-powered vaporizer is best described as a portable hookah. The device warms a corn kernel-sized capsule in the heat chamber, releasing a bouquet of all-natural ingredients. It might be time to retire the Altoids… Ploom freshens breath. And some varietals pair well with adult beverages. Try the Café Noir with a bold red wine, the Orchard with a stein of hefeweizen, or the Gold with a fine whiskey. Or skip the tobacco and fire up their herbal pods—the fresh Kick-Ass Mint or the relaxing Blue Tea.

But what about second-hand smoke?

Ploom Tray.jpgThere is no second-hand smoke. Gotta love modern science. The “model One,” like a humidifier, emits an innocuous vapor which evaporates in seconds. Yup, you are legally allowed to use the Ploom at San Francisco bars and restaurants. But since this is such an inventive and unique product, asking for permission makes for good etiquette… along with sharing. Puff, puff, give.

We are excited to host a complimentary Ploom tasting at our Mister Archer event tomorrow night: Underground Sounds and Spilled Secrets. We are almost at capacity but will allow limited walk-ins in the early evening.

You deserve to smell the change that’s coming. Click on the Nugget. (video)
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