April 28th, 2010

Ooh, Roxie Lady

You Make Me Wanna Show Up and Screen

Is it ever okay for a 101-year-old to get a facelift?

Lobby-Roxie-TheaterThe Roxie, San Francisco's oldest continually operating theater, just completed her renovation. She's still a classic beauty, but now she radiates with her restored veneer. Located in the heart of the Mission at 16th Street and Valencia, the Roxie is one of the only movie houses featuring a Peerless Magnarc projector. Nope, they don't make 'em like they used to… most movie buffs believe that the carbon arc lamphouses produce a superior picture with warmer and truer colors. And now the bass is bumping like a lowrider in a Dr. Dre video—Pixar Studios and the Community Futures Collective donated a state-of-the-art THX Dolby Surround system with 16 digital speakers and a couple subwoofers.

Birdemic-TrailerBeauty is nothing without brains, and the Roxie isn't just a red carpet and buttery popcorn. They screen truly independent films by talented directors. Take a break from the regular routine and check out their “Midnight Movies.” This Friday, they are screening the Rocky Horror-esque BIRDEMIC: Shock and Terror… the cinematic cocktail is The Room mixed with The Birds.

Are you a philanthropic, film aficionado? The new executive directors are looking into founding a junior board. Contact either Kate Statton or Chris Statton.

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The Details:
   The Roxie
   3117 16th Street, San Francisco
   Photo credit: Kuth / Ranieri Architects

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