April 13th, 2010

Yoga to the People

A Practice Not a Perfect
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You deserve a break from the daily grind. Take a deep breath and close your eyes… you are now imagining the rest of this write-up.

Yoga to the People recently performed a Sun Salutation to San Francisco by opening a studio in the Mission. They grounded their practice on the spacious top floor of a warehouse loft. Your mountain pose will feel just a bit taller while appreciating the sweeping views of downtown skyscrapers. YTTP teaches Power Vinyasa Flow—a practice marked by breath-synchronized movement improving both strength and flexibility. Expect traditional Ashtanga poses mixed with a surprise jolt of “Eye of the Tiger” crunches. They offer a few classes each day… the house special is the Sunday evening candlelight yoga to ease into the work week. Arrive a bit early since they close the doors as soon as class begins to minimize interruptions.

Candlelight Yoga - YTTP.jpgSounds great, but what’s the cost? Instead of an onerous monthly membership fee, YTTP operates on donations, suggesting $10 per class, $2 mat rental, and $1 for bottled water. Even the Scroogiest of students will stroll out of class thinking “what a deal!” The class attracts a diverse mixture of artists, beatniks, and chefs united with associates, bankers, and consultants. Everyone is connected through their shared pursuit of exploring their limitations while honoring their body.

To err is human. Or, as they say, yoga is a practice, not a perfect.

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The Details:
   Yoga to the People
   2973 16th Street. 5th Floor

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