July 19th, 2010

Morning Glory

reBloom: The Overnight Success
rebloom dreamscape

Date tomorrow? Get your beauty rest.
Big decision? Sleep on it.

Sage advice… unless you can’t fall asleep. Yup, the most important battery to recharge at night ain’t your cell phone. It’s you!

reBloom Vertical.jpgreBloom is a beauty sleep drink designed for you to look and perform your best. Coffee, 5-Hour Energy and makeup are good temporary Band-Aids, but Mother Nature’s Neosporin is sleep. Studies (and a mirror) reveal that a good night’s rest is more revitalizing than caffeine. The primary active ingredient, melatonin, is a naturally occurring hormone that regulates the sleeping cycle. Like a shot of wheatgrass, the taste is unabashedly natural. The diminutive size keeps the calorie count low (5 calories) and your bladder close to empty.

My first experience with reBloom was on a red-eye flight across the country. The cramped seat and air turbulence were almost magically transformed into a baby cradle rocking me to sleep. And unlike the nasty side effects of other sleep aids, I didn’t stumble out of the plane like the town drunk. Instead, I was well-rested and engaging, reciting witticisms… like, “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone.” Apologies to Anthony Burgess and the unlucky person stuck next to me in the middle seat.

Or as I like to say, the best things in life come in threes… like that ellipsis and, definitely, the letter ‘z.’

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