The Zapruder Film of the Machine

Did you see the Machine? Who is the Machine?

Where to Watch the World Cup in San Francisco

You Ready For Some FĂștbol?


Sure, you could watch the World Cup matches on your laptop. But that'd be like signing up to bring the half-time snacks for youth sports, and instead of the traditional oranges, you'd be bringing prunes.

The real scene for the World's Super Bowl will be at a few local spots. Just be sure to know to root for… or root against if you're at an Irish pub…

Wilkes Bashford And More

Friday: Champagne for my Real Friends.
Wilkes BashfordA fashion fixture in San Francisco for almost fifty years, Wilkes Bashford previews their fall 2010 collection starting tomorrow. WB has long been a favorite of the SF cognoscenti… former Mayor Willie Brown once revealed that if Wilkes Bashford were to ever close he would “have no other place in town to buy clothes.” The City's First Lady, Jennifer Siebel Newsom will host a champagne reception this Friday from 11am – 2pm introducing one of her favorite designer, Behnaz Sarafpour. Also this weekend, peruse the newly-threaded Michael Kors' collection of men’s suits and outerwear. Swing on by for a sneak (out of work) peak.

Roxie Theater

Is it ever okay for a 101-year-old to get a facelift?

The Roxie, San Francisco's oldest continually operating theater, just completed her renovation. She's still a classic beauty, but now she radiates with her restored veneer. Located in the heart of the Mission at 16th Street and Valencia, the Roxie is one of the only movie houses featuring a Peerless Magnarc projector. Nope, they don't make 'em like they used to… most movie buffs believe that the carbon arc lamphouses produce a superior picture with warmer and truer colors. And now the bass is bumping like a lowrider in a Dr. Dre video—Pixar Studios and the Community Futures Collective donated a state-of-the-art THX Dolby Surround system with 16 digital speakers and a couple subwoofers.

Urban Curling

The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I’ve been captivated by curling… the hit of the Winter Olympics. Curling combines the strategy and steady hand of bocce ball with the collaboration of team housecleaning. To compete in curling, you need to have hefty stones… 16 of them, along with an ice rink. Unfortunately, the closest curling club is in Vacaville and they have a wheelchair curler who dominates. How amazing and humbling.

So instead of driving out to Vacaville, allow me to introduce you to (queue drumroll) Urban Curling!

Urban Curling is like curling on a shuffleboard table with the curling broom replaced with speed powder. How it works…