Bay Area Derby Girls

Where else could you find tutus and tattoos joined together in perfect harmony?

Roller derby is making a Fernet-like comeback. The Bay Area Derby Girls, an all-women flat-track roller derby league, host their inaugural bout of the 2010 season pitting the Richmond Wrecking Belles vs Sac City Rollers. If you thought the Olympics short-track speedskating was riveting… like when the Koreans crashed into each other on the infamous final lap, just imagine intentional contact by the opposing team. Next Saturday, head over to the Craneway Pavilion—a spectacular venue with sweeping views of the bay. Order up a few “Blue Collar” drink specials: a shot of Makers and a microbrew for $5.

SF Downtown Dining

Seeking out a downtown lunch spot so undiscovered that even the pigeons don’t know about it?

Nestled in the urban forest of skyscrapers are courtyards, plazas, sun terraces, greenhouses, public sitting areas, rooftop gardens, and corporate atriums. Unfortunately, many of these hidden gems were just that… hidden. Fortunately, SPUR quietly released a pdf guide revealing 68 privately-owned public open spaces (“POPOS”). Invite a couple colleagues and embark on an adventure. Experience the thrill of urban life while taking a moment to appreciate the generosity and tolerance…

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Point Break Live

Seeking the ultimate ride this weekend?

Point Break Live, the absurdist stage adaptation of the 1991 flick, makes theater visceral. This “full-immersion” performance features armed robbery, big-wave surfing, car chases, and even skydiving! But instead of being on the beach…

How To Do The Weekend

Thursday (for the spontaneous)

Decide whether Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Everything is Illuminated, is one of the most acclaimed writers of our generation or “a hack”—the indictment from critic Harry Siegel of the New York Press…