Green Chile Kitchen

You’re on a mission, but not in the Mission
Do you lament the lack of quality Mexican food outside the Mission? Green Chile Kitchen is celebrating their grand re-opening today. The long-time favorite of the Western Addition crowd doubled its space and is switching corners on the block (like a rook, not a bishop). The Pavlovian smell of the rotisserie Fulton Valley chicken will have you floating up to the register like Toucan Sam…

Best Coffee Shops

Only Day Traders Believe Coffee is a Commodity

Coffee shops are our modern-day salons.

There’s a different type of energy here… the electricity of unstructured thought… the vibrancy of spontaneous interactions. In the buttoned-up world of punctuation, coffee shops are theaters for extemporaneous conversations… our ellipses. After all…

Patxis and 222 Hyde Pizza

Two New Pizza Spots Say Cheese

222 Hyde. Here, deuces are wild. 222 Hyde serves two needs: early evening date spot and late night club so you can either draw from or refill the proverbial well. If you remember the name…

WhiskyFest San Francisco

All the Sophistication of Wine with More Mashismo

Speakeasies, Mad Men, Niners winning?! Retro is in! Get in front of this wave at WhiskyFest—the ultimate tasting for distinguished cognoscente.

Instead of going straight to that Maker’s and ginger, refine your tastes and sensibilities. Apologies to Jon Favreau, but there’s much more to fine whiskies

Gourmets on the Go

Add Smitten Ice Cream to raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.
Smitten Ice Cream just launched to long lines and rave reviews. The classic, old-fashioned treat with a contemporary twist, Smitten starts with the basics of milk, cream, sugar, and a dash of salt. There’s no need for any unpronounceable ingredients since each batch goes from churn to scoop to spoon…