Viv Green

It’s not easy being green!
“To Viv or not to Viv? That is the question!”
Like Hamlet musing whether life is so miserable that non-existence might be preferable to life, I can imagine a world so depleted of resources, a climate so harsh…

Volunteer at Alemany Farm

If you couldn’t purchase your food from Safeway (sorry… I mean Whole Foods), where would you go to eat?

Alemany Farm, a working farm in southeastern San Francisco, features a back to the basics exploration and celebration of agriculture. Twice a week, volunteers till the soil and cultivate the crops…

Princess Project Presents the Prom Redux

You might no longer believe in fairy tales… but there is someone else out there hoping to be fit with a glass slipper. On Saturday, September 19th, recapture the magic of that climactic high school experience at the Prom Redux. Have a date? Then sweep them off their feet. Or turn a toad into a prince…

Glide Meals – Back to the Basics

You don’t have to be a Rockafella to help a fella. Give back to the ‘Loin by volunteering with Glide meals program. [read more]