San Francisco Deals

“I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal.”
   -San Francisco, circa 2010

Not just a big deal, a great deal.

Entertainment Book 2010Although I've yet to see a Going Out of Business banner draped across the Golden Gate, some of our City's businesses are willing to discount their fare 50 – 90%. We're talking some reputable spots like Luna Park, Milvali salon, Kasa Indian taquería, Azalea boutique, Philz coffee and even the Go Car tour. Who hasn't kissed the ring of Groupon, the godfather of the Entertainment Book version 2.0? But now it's time to appreciate and expose the other sites featuring a daily deal. After all, it wouldn't be San Francisco if we only patronized the $1.2 billion dollar front-runner.

*  Living Social  Today's Deal: Gold Rush Whitewater Rafting for 50% off…

reBloom Beauty Sleep Drink

The Overnight Success
rebloom dreamscape

Date tomorrow? Get your beauty rest.
Big decision? Sleep on it.

Sage advice… unless you can’t fall asleep. Yup, the most important battery to recharge at night ain’t your cell phone. It’s you!

reBloom is a beauty sleep drink designed for you to look and perform your best…

Yoga to the People

You deserve a break from the daily grind. Take a deep breath and close your eyes… you are now imagining the rest of this write-up.

Yoga to the People recently performed a Sun Salutation to San Francisco by opening a studio in the Mission. They grounded their practice on the spacious top floor of a warehouse loft. Your mountain pose will feel just a bit taller while appreciating the sweeping views of downtown skyscrapers. YTTP teaches Power Vinyasa Flow—a practice marked by breath-synchronized movement improving both strength and flexibility. Expect traditional Ashtanga poses mixed with a surprise jolt of “Eye of the Tiger” crunches. They offer a few classes each day… the house special is the Sunday evening candlelight yoga to ease into the work week. Arrive a bit early since they close the doors as soon as class begins to minimize interruptions.

Slide Slide Slippity-Slide

The Slip ‘n Slide is for the burbs.

After trying to swim against the current to replace the bowling alley, the Presidio Trust is now going with the flow. They recently revealed plans to open up an urban water slide in time for summer. (No update though on Operation Pea Soup, the government-sponsored weather control station to combat the late summer fog.) The designated location is on the southeast corner of the Presidio, creatively capitalizing on the undeveloped space adjacent to the Lyon street stairs.

Director of the Presidio Trust and part-time maritime lawyer, Cherith Cutestory, shared that they are under intense pressure to get to continuous break-even by Fiscal Year 2014. He shared, “we were feeling the financial urgency and…

Get Mortified at the Make-Out Room

How embarrassed would you be if someone unearthed the most absurd moments from your adolescence? Your awkward love letters? Your insidious schemes? Would you be humiliated?? Disgraced??? Mortified!

Mortified, a PG-13ish stage performance, features six every day people sharing what they never thought they would share. Never ever! Nothing is off limits… diary entries recounting the stalking of a high school crush, a narcissistic fantasy involving Doogie Howser, daydreamed felonies against a rival suitor, or the Naval Officer’s revelation that his hookup wasn’t actually a Thai woman. The lone requirement…