Jejune Institute San Francisco

Have you heard of the Jejune Institute? No? Good!

For the intrepid and adventurous, attend a “free seminar” downtown to learn more about the Jejune Institute. Simply show up at 580 California Street, Suite 1607, on Tuesday through Sunday, from noon to 5:30pm. You will exchange your driver’s license for a key to the future. Bring a buck, commit a couple spare hours, and maybe invite a few friends…

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The Workshop in Western Addition

If you want it done right, then, say it with me, you got to do it yourself! And I’m not talking about planning a nice little Saturday, you know, at Home Depot, maybe Bed, Bath and Beyond.

The Workshop, nestled in the Western Addition, is the 7th period elective class for grown ups. Rouse your hibernating talents and sign up for one of their quirky DIY classes… including Suitcase Pet Beds, Sunday Hangover Mixology, Rock’n'Roll Sewing for Dudes, Zip Tie Chandelier

TV A La Carte

Are you happy with your cable provider?

Did you know that the average American spends almost five hours per day in front of the TV? The average household is paying $115.27 per month in cable bills. However, they tune into only 16 of the 118 channels available. We don’t pick our channels—the cable providers do. Backroom politics determine whether a channel is part of the basic or premier cable package. If you want ESPN, then you’ll also get a full dose of Spike, ABC Family, Lifetime and fifty other channels that may or may not appeal to you.

Nick Fasanella Interview

Saving Spots with a Taco Shop: Nick’s Way or the Highway
You’ve heard of Nick’s Crispy Tacos. Now meet the Nick behind Nick’s… Nick Fasanella, a transplant from Connecticut and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. After spending years as a private chef on a yacht and traveling through Central America and Mexico, Nick arrived in the Bay Area in the late 90′s… bringing with him his love of the baja taco.

What is the real story behind Nick’s Crispy Tacos? What is the inspiration behind “Nick’s Way?” Oh, and did you know that the Taco Shop at Underdogs is the real spot for Nick’s crispy tacos… as in Nick Fasanella’s crispy tacos?