Night at the Roxie

A John Waters Christmas

My friend, it has been too long.

john-waters-christmas-roxieBut you deserve your first holiday treat… special pre-sale access to the John Waters Live Christmas Show. Why not a Chanukah or Kwanzaa show, you ask? My aren't you PC. Well, like Christmas, this event is for one night only.

John Waters has spent a lifetime mesmerizing audiences as a film-maker (Pink Flamingoes, Hairspray), artist, author (Role Models), and even as a first-grade teacher. Now, he brings his vaudeville act to San Francisco…

Ploom Portable Hookah

The Ploom Portable Hookah
Ploom Model One.jpg

Even non-smokers would agree that there’s no better icebreaker than, “Got a light?”

Ploom Smoking.jpgPloom, a tech-meets-tobacco company based in the Dogpatch, just launched their “model One.” This hand-held, gas-powered vaporizer is best described as a portable hookah. The device warms a corn kernel-sized capsule in the heat chamber, releasing a bouquet of all-natural ingredients. It might be time to retire the Altoids… Ploom freshens breath. And some varietals pair well with adult beverages. Try the Café Noir with a bold red wine, the Orchard with a stein of hefeweizen, or the Gold with a fine whiskey. Or skip the tobacco and fire up their herbal pods—the fresh Kick-Ass Mint or the relaxing Blue Tea.

But what about second-hand smoke?

Warby Parker Eyewear

“Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

Warby Parker Eyewear.jpgDorothy Parker should’ve purchased her glasses at Warby Parker–the new site for those who want to see (prescription eyewear) and be seen (look darn good too). Warby Parker offers boutique quality at a reasonable price… all prescription glasses are $95. How? They independently design their lenses then sell directly and exclusively through their website. Be gone expensive middleman! And with each purchase, Warby Parker will donate one pair of glasses through a partnership with the non-profit Restoring Vision.

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Man Up San Francisco

The end of the football season got you down? Then, Man Up.

Man Up San Francisco.jpgThis weekend, experience Man Up, a 3-day popup market featuring a collection of menswear shops and a little bit more. These pioneering labels aren’t simply stylish products, but they each have made a commitment to design integrity and uncompromising craftsmanship. Revitalize your wardrobe and sample a variety of goods including quality denim, custom tailored dress shirts, vintage hats, preppy belts and ties, classy watches, canvas bags, and a few other more exotic items. Feel the texture of the products and, then, find the right fit.