Aksel Men’s Dress Shirts

Aksel, the men’s online boutique launching today, weaves dress shirts for those who transcend the ordinary. You demand the highest quality fabric and they deliver with 100% pure cotton satin—more comfortable after each dry-clean. (You don’t heavy up on the starch, right?) The contemporary tapered cut fashions a slim fit, and the contours provide a lean, clean feel… so sleek they even passed on the pockets…

Vibram FiveFingers

Not since the glass slipper has there been such a footwear fairy tale.
Vibram, the original inventor and timeless manufacturer of the rubber sole, is blazing a new trail in the “barefoot alternative” category. High tech running shoes seem comfortable, but recent studies debunk their effectiveness, suggesting that their use results in injury rates as high as 90%…

Forgetful Gentleman

When did snail mail become such a delicacy?

There’s been a revival of slower, more personal communication. After all, when something really matters, the words contain the message, but the medium reveals the sentiment…

PACT Eco-Friendly Underwear

Finally, a reason for the “going commando” crowd to re-enlist. Sure, underwear is very personal. You find a pair you love, buy one for each day of the week, and then start going through the rotation. But PACT underwear will become the drawers at the top of your drawer…

Marine Layer Shirts

Feel Good… on the Outside

With a cane in one hand and a snifter of whiskey in the other, I try to balance skepticism and gullibility. A $35 t-shirt? That’d be like a $28 burger! What… did someone say a truffled pecorino cheese burger from Bix?!