Ploom Portable Hookah

The Ploom Portable Hookah
Ploom Model One.jpg

Even non-smokers would agree that there’s no better icebreaker than, “Got a light?”

Ploom Smoking.jpgPloom, a tech-meets-tobacco company based in the Dogpatch, just launched their “model One.” This hand-held, gas-powered vaporizer is best described as a portable hookah. The device warms a corn kernel-sized capsule in the heat chamber, releasing a bouquet of all-natural ingredients. It might be time to retire the Altoids… Ploom freshens breath. And some varietals pair well with adult beverages. Try the Café Noir with a bold red wine, the Orchard with a stein of hefeweizen, or the Gold with a fine whiskey. Or skip the tobacco and fire up their herbal pods—the fresh Kick-Ass Mint or the relaxing Blue Tea.

But what about second-hand smoke?