Where to Watch the World Cup in San Francisco

You Ready For Some FĂștbol?


Sure, you could watch the World Cup matches on your laptop. But that'd be like signing up to bring the half-time snacks for youth sports, and instead of the traditional oranges, you'd be bringing prunes.

The real scene for the World's Super Bowl will be at a few local spots. Just be sure to know to root for… or root against if you're at an Irish pub…

Get Mortified at the Make-Out Room

How embarrassed would you be if someone unearthed the most absurd moments from your adolescence? Your awkward love letters? Your insidious schemes? Would you be humiliated?? Disgraced??? Mortified!

Mortified, a PG-13ish stage performance, features six every day people sharing what they never thought they would share. Never ever! Nothing is off limits… diary entries recounting the stalking of a high school crush, a narcissistic fantasy involving Doogie Howser, daydreamed felonies against a rival suitor, or the Naval Officer’s revelation that his hookup wasn’t actually a Thai woman. The lone requirement…

SF Downtown Dining

Seeking out a downtown lunch spot so undiscovered that even the pigeons don’t know about it?

Nestled in the urban forest of skyscrapers are courtyards, plazas, sun terraces, greenhouses, public sitting areas, rooftop gardens, and corporate atriums. Unfortunately, many of these hidden gems were just that… hidden. Fortunately, SPUR quietly released a pdf guide revealing 68 privately-owned public open spaces (“POPOS”). Invite a couple colleagues and embark on an adventure. Experience the thrill of urban life while taking a moment to appreciate the generosity and tolerance…